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Cat comments leave their mark on Sound Off
This is in response to the individual who is having trouble with their pets (cats) being caught and taken to the Animal Shelter. I do understand where you are coming from. I love my pets also. I also feel for the person who is having the pet or stray cat problem. But let\'s be realistic, the citizens of Athens does not have to put up with other peoples\' pets coming into their yard using it as their bathroom. Each citizen has the right to walk in their yard and not step in someone else\'s pet\'s poop - cat or dog. If we love our pets, we will take care of them, keep them in our yards and not let them be a problem for our neighbors. When all else fails, contact the Animal Control officer and he will help remove unwanted visitors from your yard. That\'s what I did and it works. Thank you to the City of Athens Animal Control Department. You do not, I repeat, do not have to be mean or cruel to anyone\'s pets to have them removed from your property. When I look into the eyes of my pet, I can see the love that is there. I would not want someone to hurt my pet. I support the McMinn Regional Humane Society and abide by the laws and rules set for our area.

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