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This week in local history
1988 - In the news 25 years ago: McMinn County was facing a more than $171,000 budget deficit, but, according to Finance Director Ed Fiegle, that was really not bad news. \"We\'re probably in the best shape we\'ve been in since I\'ve been here,\" said Fiegle. \"We\'ve had more growth than any other time in the last couple of years. The deficit isn\'t bad news, but it isn\'t all that rosy, either.\" The County Commission\'s Budget Committee spent about four hours in the first round of budget trimming. When the meeting broke up, a little more than $6,000 of the deficit had been cut and those funds came mainly from economic development and the library system. Overall, the county was budgeting about $24.7 million in revenues, while the funding requests from departments had reached the $25.3 million expenditure mark.

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