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This week in local history
1988 - In the news 25 years ago: Decatur would receive almost $10,000 a year in additional state revenue due to the results of a city-funded census, said Mayor Edgar Jewell at a Decatur Alderman meeting. The census, which cost the city about $600, revealed the city population had increased from 1,191 to 1,328 residents. The state granted $67 per person, resulting in $9,246 additional revenue per year, said Jewell. The revenue would increase even more, said Jewell, because the survey didn\'t include every city resident. There were still a few people who weren\'t home when the survey was taken, Jewell said, and once those were included, the total was expected to run up to 150 more residents. \"One was just born yesterday,\" he added. Jewell also congratulated the volunteers who conducted the survey saying they did a good job and would be needed again for the 1990 census.

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