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Drones really push my buttons!
Drones are becoming really big business. I was on the Internet the other day and saw that you can get great deals on the Predator and Vaporizer models. Major credit cards and PayPal happily accepted. There are small drones, large drones and you can even purchase a kit to build your own drone. Isn\'t that great? I\'m thinking about getting a personal drone for home defense. The drone will probably replace the handgun and the rifle as the weapon of choice and we\'ll all have our own little surveillance drone hovering overhead, just waiting for us to push the button. You are not home, but the friendly neighborhood burglar is at the house right now. You, of course, are monitoring the little \"eye in the sky,\" hovering, watching. Push the button. ZAP! I think this new technology could revolutionize the crime industry rendering obsolete the common, every day thief.

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